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Delivering All Modern Equipment And
Technologies To Farmers Under One Roof

We are also coming up with Mahamandal Agro Service Center. In this we are connecting farmers directly to various distributors & retailers so that the farmers can get the best price & quality. Farmers can buy fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, irrigation and farm tools etc in lowest price either from our website or from our Agro Service Center.

The aims to bring everything from seeds, fertilizers, Pesticides, tools to animal feed to farmers in one place. The Mahamandal Agro Services Center acts as a link between farmers and entrepreneurs in the distribution of agricultural equipment. This is a great way to reach out to as many farmers as possible with the help of the Corporation's Agro Services Center and participate in the fast growing agricultural sector.

We are expanding daily with farmers. We are currently working with more than 500 farming companies and more than 125,000 farmers.


Seed is the most important and important input for agricultural production. The availability of quality seeds is important from the point of view of farmers. The Mahamndal provides a wide variety of seeds suitable for quality and sustainable farming.


A seedling is a young sporophyte development out of a plant embryo from a seed. Sprouting is a difficult task to get a seedling. Selection of quality seedlings is important for good yield.

Fertilizers & Pesticides

Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Fungicides are widely used in agriculture to improve crop yields. Most of the compounds used are synthetic, and their overuse causes environmental pollution and human health problems.All Fertilizers & Pesticides are available in the Mahamandal Agro Service Center.

Agricultural Tools And Equipment

Agricultural equipment relates to the mechanical structures and devices used in agriculture. There are many types of such equipment, from hand tools and power tools to tractors and the countless kinds of farm implements that they tow or operate. Agricultural equipment enhance the farm work efficiency & speed. All the tools, equipment and machinery required for farming are available.


All the irrigation systems, machinery and technology required for farm irrigation are being made available to the farmers through the services of the Mahamandal Agro Service Center. Available in Drip Irrigation - Sprinkler Irrigation - Micro Irrigation - Solar Irrigation System - Submersible Pump etc.

Machinery Bank And Services Center

Today it is impossible to farm without machines and every farmer cannot purchase the machines used in farming, for which Farm Machinery Bank is a great option. The service of Mahamandal Agro Service Centers is available for repair and maintenance of Farm machinery owned by the farmers.

Animal Feed

Animal feed contains protein, energy, minerals and vitamins required for the growth, maintenance and milk production of animals. Supply of quality feed ensures the health of animals.


Silage is a high moisture fodder that farmers use to feed their domestic animals, especially during the dry season. The silage is then fermented to provide feed for livestock.

Polutry Feeds

Modern feeds for poultry consists largely of grain, protein supplements such as soybean oil meal, mineral supplements, and vitamin supplements.

Veterinary Services

Veterinary medicine, also known as veterinary science, is a medical specialty related to the prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting the health of domestic and wild animals. Veterinary officer veterinary medical equipment for efficient medical care of the farm animals.

Dairy Equipment And Machines

Choosing the best quality dairy machinery & equipment is crucial for the growth of your dairy farm business. Basic milk processing equipment is pasteurizers, separators, homogenizers, Can, and tanks. Milking Machines that are a safe & viable option for milk procurement from cows.All such equipment and machines are available.

Agro Services Center

All the information related to procurement of agricultural commodities, crop and milk production planning, soil testing, Crop advice and other information is made available through the Agro Service Center of the Mahamandal.